I combine massage, acupuncture and Osteopathic manipulation so I can treat your musculoskeletal pain quickly effectively and intelligently with a multi-modality approach. I aim to achieve results which are lasting so you don’t have to keep coming to see me. Minimum treatments for Maximum results is my aim for you and all my patients. Legally, I can’t make any promises of course but that sincerely is my aim.

North Shore Osteo

We have previously been in Takapuna 38 years and have shifted ‘up the road’ to Corner of  Wairau and View Roads.

Phillip Mettrick

Many patients ask how Phillip got into this field and are not surprised to find that it grew from his own personal experiences. This includes having 2 fused vertebrae in his neck from childhood and being born with a limited neck rotation. It was hence necessary to search for solutions from a very early age and Phillip is grateful to have had progressive minded Parents who looked for ‘alternative’ solutions, including Osteopaths Chiropractors and acupuncturists, to overcome his restrictions.

At the young age of 4-yrs old, Phillip attended an Orthopaedic Specialist at CHCH hospital.  He then spent time with a Chiropractor and an Osteopath in Christchurch during his early teen years. Acupuncture came later whilst studying in Australia and searching for an answer to the muscle tightness/spasm he was experiencing.

Phillip has found that his first hand personal experience gives him an understanding and empathy in relating to patients in pain. His professional and multi-modality approach along with 35 years of experience makes him well equipped to attend to often very complex Musculoskeletal health needs that patients present with.

Phillip has found that his first hand personal experience gives him an understanding and empathy in relating to patients in pain.

His professional and multi-modality approach along with 35 years of experience makes him well equipped to attend to often very complex Musculoskeletal health needs that patients present with.

‘Professional Care. Minimal Treatment for Maximum Results’.

Experience & Qualifications

Phillip is well placed to access and attend your specific musculoskeletal conditions with the combination of skills and experience he brings.

He first started practice in Takapuna in 1980 and has many years of professional experience.

He is a qualified Osteopath ONZ and Acupuncturist NZRA and has effectively combined both Osteopathy and Acupuncture for relieving neck and Back pain for 1000’s patients over the last 35 years.

Phillip trained both in Australia and New Zealand and has a broad range of education at RMIT (Advanced Diploma Clinical Osteopathy, Melbourne), Auckland University (Physiology 67.201), New Zealand College of Acupuncture and TCM (Bachelor Health Science in ‘Acupuncture’).

He has an NZQA Level 7 Certificate in Acupuncture and is registered as an Osteopath with an “Acupuncture Specialism” with the Osteopathic Council (OCNZ).
Phillip has also been a:

  • Past President of the NZRA
  • Course developer/lecturer in Musculoskeletal diagnosis and Orthopaedic testing for the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)and
  • Registered Osteopath with both the Osteopathic Council and Osteopaths ONZ.

After my first session I felt 20 years younger. Had recovered my energy and wondered why the world appeared so bleak before the session.
After just 3 sessions with Phillip I fully recovered my energy and ‘Joie de vivire’.

Jeanette S
Sue KillianSue Killian
00:19 18 Dec 23
Laura MattisonLaura Mattison
19:33 12 Dec 23
Have been going here for years.Always feel great afterwards 😃
Neil BrethertonNeil Bretherton
22:53 06 Nov 23
This is the second time I've seen Phillip and both times I've found him to be excellent, thorough, and informative. He listened well and explained my symptoms before fixing them. I'd highly recommend him
James LawtonJames Lawton
01:19 02 Nov 23
The man is a genius - he has dedicated a lifetime to mastering the art and science of fixing the muscularskeleto system. You are in very very safe hands.
Angela WickensAngela Wickens
21:17 27 May 23
After months of neck pain and unsuccessful visits to other osteopaths I came across Philips website. After my first appointment I had a 90% improvement and with one more appointment booked for next week I’m confident of a 100% success. Philip was amazing and even fixed a secondary sciatica pain I was having even though I was there for my neck. I am so impressed with Philip I want to recommend him to anyone in pain needing relief, he knows what he’s doing, he is simply AMAZING.
Courtney SewardCourtney Seward
02:26 20 Apr 23
I recommend Philip to everyone who has back problems. He fixes the problem in one or two sessions usually. I drive 1.5 hours to see him after moving out of the area and trying the local Osteopaths who just didn't help.
Anna RobertsonAnna Robertson
19:18 19 Sep 19
Philip is amazing! I have been going to him when necessary for 24 years. I have never been disappointed and always felt back to normal after a adjustment. When I moved away I had been to other practitioners and always needed to see Philip soon after to be adjusted/fixed properly. His experience and treatments are second to none. I can not recommend him enough.

Combining Osteopathy and Acupuncture effectively to relieve neck and back pain for 1000’s of patients over 35 years

Osteopathy & Acupunture

Phillip and the clinics mission statement is:

‘Professional care. Minimal Treatment for Maximum Results’.

If he finds he is not achieving the desired clinical outcome from the treatment or achieving an expected result, he will advise you and the appropriate action (usually referral) will be taken.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

  • Assume you will be at the clinic for around 45 minutes including treatment.
  • Initial interview to take your History and make a detailed musculoskeletal assessment examination for mobility and restrictions.
  • Treatment, using a combination of Massage, Acupuncture and then Manipulation/Osteopathy.
  • A personalised treatment plan will be discussed and possible remedial exercises will be advised if appropriate.
  • The acupuncture I give is virtually pain free. If anything hurts, I remove it. I believe you are coming to see me to reduce the pain, not experience it.

ACC Treatments

Phillip is a qualified Osteopath and is a registered ACC Acupuncture provider. Many of his patients attend on ACC however you will need to arrive with a completed and registered ACC form from your health provider.

Please also note the forms cannot be completed at the clinic so please attend with with your completed ACC form for your (recent) injury. (It helps if the injury relates to a claim that is less than a year old as ACC have additional requirements before they accept claims that are over a year from the date of the initial injury.)

This form can either be completed with your usual Medical Doctor, A&E, Physio, Chiro or Osteopath.

Phillip treats many Medical Doctor referrals and is happy to work with them to achieve a positive outcome for you and their patients.

Acupuncture encompasses a 3-5000 year heritage.

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